Our Mission 

Provide resources to enhance and support quality health care for Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Through the Foundation’s support of Bartlett Regional Hospital, we seek to provide philanthropic support for our community now and in the future. 

Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation was formed in Juneau, Alaska in 1992, and incorporated in 1994 under IRS code 501(c) (3). Bartlett serves a region made up of remote island communities, totaling some 80,000 in population with nearly one-million visitors annually. Because the Hospital is city-owned it is not eligible for funding options available to research or for-profit hospitals. 

Baby Box

Baby Box

Some of the projects funded by the Foundation include a CCU bed care system, cardiac rehabilitation unit, and dialysis center equipment. Most recently we helped create a baby box program. It sends each baby born at Bartlett Beginnings home with a safe sleep box containing information on parenting, baby clothes, and much more. The program helps each family start with what they need to keep their baby happy and healthy. Bartlett is the only Hospital in the US currently sending each family home with a box, as apposed to a needs based program.

Each year the Foundation also allocates scholarships for health science studies through the Grace and Philip Edelman Endowment. Enabling local students to have a better chance to succeed and support the community from where they came.

  • Bartlett Regional Hospital
  • EKG for Operating Room donation 2016
  • Rural Outreach Program donation 2016
  • Bartlett Beginnings' Baby Box Project Donation 2015
  • Dedication at Donor Forest 2015
  • Pediatric Training Manikins Donation 2014
  • Dedication at Donor Forest 2015
  • Donor Forest
  • Infusion Therapy Donation 2015
  • CCU bed systems arrive 2015
  • CCU Bed Systems Donation 2014
  • Avista Donor Tree Dedication 2014
  • Heritage Pathway
  • Stroller donation 2016
  • SANE Donation 2013
  • Bartlett House 2000
  • Dialysis Center dedication 2003
  • Psychiatric Telehealth Equipment December 2016

Ways to Contribute 

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