B-SAFE Program

Every year in the United States, there are about 3,500 cases of sudden unexpected infant death syndrome (SUIDS). Sudden infant death is the third leading cause of infant death in the United States. These deaths often happen during sleep or in an infants sleep area, often for reasons which are unexpected. Bartlett Regional Hospital implemented the B-SAFE Program to educate families about safe infant sleep and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The B-SAFE Program encompasses a baby box which is provided and used as a safe sleep surface for infants. These baby boxes are cardboard boxes with a fitted mattress and sheet which infants can sleep in for up to six months. Also included in these are baby clothes, breast pads, a nursing scarf, hooded towel, and other essential baby items. Every baby born at Bartlett receives a safe sleeping space and safe sleep educational materials.

Infant safe sleep programs have been popping up all around the world. Multiple U.S. states are funding safe sleep programs like this and giving out baby boxes as a safe sleep surfaces as well. Alabama, New Jersey and Ohio to list a few, have state funded programs to help families become educated on safe sleep for their infant.

This program is important to our community because it educates and promotes safe infant sleep in an effort to reduce the risk of sudden unexpected infant death syndrome. We’re located in a geographically remote area with a population of diverse means. The Bartlett Foundation’s overall goal is to reduce infant mortality in the areas served by Bartlett Regional Hospital by providing safe sleep education. We want to give expectant mothers the very best start for their babies, enabling them to reduce stress and feel confident that they are well prepared for this new and exciting chapter in their life. The B-SAFE Program teaches and offers infant safe sleep to new families. The baby box is innovative in many ways, including the fact that it can essentially be taken anywhere. You are able to move the baby box as you please to fit your lifestyle as well as keep a close eye on your baby. The baby box provides a safe sleep surface to those who otherwise would not have one. Living conditions differ for everyone which is why we believe that the baby box gives options for all.


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