Working with Bartlett Beginnings, Bartlett Foundation implemented the B- SAFE Program at Bartlett Regional Hospital on January 1, 2016. B- SAFE stands for Bartlett Sleep Awareness Family Education, this is to promote awareness and education about safe infant sleep. A safe infant sleep surface is included in our B- SAFE Program which is a baby box. These boxes are cardboard fitted with a mattress that serves as a bassinet. The box is also a starter kit of clothes, first aid items, infant necessities and instructional safe sleep materials.  But more importantly, the box itself promotes safe sleep for babies. Our B-SAFE Program is patterned after Finland’s Baby Box program and it’s success in reducing infant mortality.  For 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a Baby Box by the state. It helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. Multiple U.S. states have began funding safe sleep programs like this and giving out baby boxes as a safe sleep surface as well. Alabama, New Jersey and Ohio have state funded programs to help families become educated on safe sleep for their infant.

The B- SAFE Program at Bartlett Regional Hospital promotes safe sleep.  Every year in the United States, there are about 3,500 cases of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID). In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics expanded its recommendation on SIDS prevention to include safe infant sleeping environment. Babies should sleep alone, on their backs, in their own cribs with only a mattress and no bedding or pillows. Every baby born at Bartlett Regional receives a Baby Box free of charge, as part of education about safe sleep. Bartlett Regional Hospital serves Juneau and the surrounding communities and villages in Southeast. We’re located in a geographically remote area with a population of diverse means. The Foundation’s overall goal is to reduce infant mortality in the areas served by Bartlett Regional Hospital by creating awareness of safe sleep and giving safe sleep education. We want to give expectant mothers the very best start for their babies, enabling them to reduce stress and feel confident that they are well prepared for this new and exciting chapter in their life. Being able to provide a safe sleep environment and education on safe sleep to new mothers, fulfills the goal of the B- SAFE Program of providing basic needs and safe sleep options to Southeast babies.

Help us continue to support this program by volunteering or by donating here. Thank you! Contact admin@brhfoundation.org to learn more on how you can help with B- SAFE!

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