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Especially for the month of November we want to extend our spotlight to shine on LifeMed Alaska for all of the work they do in helping our community. LifeMed Alaska safely transports seriously ill or injured patients while providing life-saving medical care. LifeMed Alaska’s mission is to lead in the medevac industry by developing and implementing effective and efficient systems that save and restore human life. In pursuit of this mission, LifeMed Alaska strives to provide the citizens of Alaska with the safest, highest quality, most cost-effective, medical transportation. The commitment and determination to provide safe medical care and transportation to our residents, are some of the many reasons we are so proud to have LifeMed as one of our benefactor sponsors.

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We want to cast a spotlight on all of our sponsors for helping us reach our goals for funding for the hospital. We extend our greatest gratitude to all of those who have helped contribute to our cause. We thank you sponsors! From all of us at the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation.