Prevention and Preparedness

In 2018 we began our discussion on projects focusing on prevention and preparedness. Now here we are in 2019, looking back on the successes of these prevention and preparedness projects, and wanting to provide the same successes this year. This is why we have created the Prevention and Preparedness Fund which encapsulates many different projects all of which have the focus of prevention and preparation to better equip our Southeast Community and Bartlett Regional Hospital for whatever comes our way.


Living in Southeast, Alaska we are only accessible by boat and plane, which in the event of a disaster those likely may not make it to us. This is why we raised funds for emergency food and water donations for Bartlett Regional Hospital in 2018, so the hospital will be able to continue to function in the event of a disaster. All food and water donated need not be refrigerated or frozen this is because in the event that we wouldn't be able to regain electricity or only be able to use limited amounts, Bartlett will be able to use it to further help patients, rather than store excess amounts of food.