Edelman Scholarship

Phillip Charles Edelman  - January 31, 1917 - March 26, 2002
Grace Jean Edelman - December  17, 1917 - October 3, 2006

Grace and Phillip Edelman were married on January 5, 1939. In the winter of 1950 they began their great adventure from New Jersey through Canada on their way to Alaska. They homesteaded in Palmer, Alaska, living in a teardrop tent until they built their cabin. Two years later, they sold their cabin and began traveling and taking short term jobs throughout Alaska as a way to see the state. They moved to Juneau in 1962 and remained there for the rest of their days.
Grace and Phil Edelman worked hard and served the community of Southeast, which they so loved. The Grace and Phil Edelman Scholarship Endowment was created with great care and concern for the health and welfare of Southeast Alaska communities. The Edelman's intended to provide financial assistance to students pursuing health sciences studies, providing students the opportunity to further their education, and upon completing education return to Southeast Alaska to serve their communities.
Since 2009, Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation has awarded more than $130,000 through the Edelman Scholarship Endowment, to provide financial assistance to students who are seeking a degree in health sciences. Students can be awarded up to $5000 annually.


The Grace and Phil Edelman Health Sciences scholarship is awarded to students from Southeast Alaska who intend to pursue degrees in Health Sciences at accredited colleges and return to Southeast Alaska. Scholarship recipients must be full-time students and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to remain eligible for renewal of the scholarship. The following requirements must be met to apply:

1. Minimum GPA of 3.0 

2. Southeast Alaskan residency 

3. Associate, Bachelor, Graduate degree seeking in Health Sciences Studies

5. Demonstrated Intent to return to Southeast Alaska upon education completion 

4.  Full time student (enrolled in at least 9 credit hours) 


Please include the following in order to be considered for the Grace and Phil Edelman Health Sciences Scholarship:
1. Completed Application
2. Transcripts
3. Two sealed recommendation forms*
4. Essay covering your goals and interests in Health Sciences careers and your stated intent to return to Southeast Alaska upon education completion.

*If you have been AWARDED the Edelman previously and are applying again for this current course year, you will not need to send in recommendation forms.

PLEASE do not use report covers, staples or paper clips, and do not print double-sided. Additionally please use regular copy paper to print your application. (please no cardstock) 

You will be evaluated on your ability to follow these directions.