Ways to Give

Giving is easy, find a way that works for you.

Thank you for considering donating to the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation.

Credit card donations can be made by clicking on the Donate button, through PayPal. For general purpose donations, please leave the memo line blank and for specific donations, indicate the name of the fund in the special instructions field. 

Existing Funds

You can make donations to any of these existing funds, or make general purpose donations to Bartlett Foundation.

Carrigan Fund - Verna Carrigan was a lifelong Juneauite and philanthropist who provided Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation with a substantial endowment to support our Hospital for many years to come. The Carrigan Fund is designated for critical care needs. Over the years, the Carrigan Fund has been used to update equipment for Bartlett’s CCU. Most recently, in 2014, funds from the Carrigan Fund and funds raised during the Foundation’s Seafood Gala were used to purchase 3 new bed systems for CCU.

Edelman Fund - Grace and Phil Edelman moved to Juneau in 1962. They worked hard and served the community they so loved. The Grace and Phil Edelman Scholarship Endowment was created with great care and concern for the health and welfare of Southeast Alaska communities and society at large. The Edelman's intended to provide financial assistance to students dedicated to the Health Sciences, allowing the students to not only to further their medical careers but also to encourage their return to Southeast Alaska. Since 2009, Bartlett Foundation has awarded $67,500 through the Edelman Scholarship Endowment to students seeking degrees in the Health Sciences fields.

Prevention and Preparedness Fund -  The goal of the preparation and prevention fund is to offer risk reduction education and preparation or prevention tactics through various different programs. These programs are changing and growing and the fund is always open to new innovative programs or projects with the scope of prevention and preparedness. Through this fund we are able to support programs such as the B-SAFE Program at Bartlett educating and promoting safe sleep to reduce the risk of SUID and the Health Matters Type 2 Diabetes Education scholarship which promotes healthy living and creates diabetes and prediabetes awareness and preventative measures.

Payment Details
Donations to Bartlett Foundation can be made by check or credit card. Please make checks payable to "Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation" and mail to Bartlett Foundation, 3260 Hospital Drive, Juneau, AK 99801. Credit card donations can be made online by clicking on the "Donate" button. For general purpose donations, please leave the memo line blank and for specific donations, please indicate the name of the fund on the memo line (check donations) or in the special instructions field (online credit card donations).
Tax Benefits
Each gift has tax advantages that may help reduce the tax burden for you and your family. Tailored to individual circumstances and desires donations can reduce or eliminate taxes for the donor and still provide benefits to the Hospital Foundation.

Lifetime Gifts
Giving can take many forms, a check, one-time contribution, real estate, shares of stock, beneficiary of wills or retirement plan.
Charitable Trusts
A giver can set up a Charitable Lead Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust, which share the assets ad the income generated by them between heirs and the Foundation.
Estate Giving/Bequests
There are many ways to contribute during your life or even after. The easiest and most straightforward contributions are bequests and lifetime gifts. There are ways to set up bequests that benefit you and your heirs during your lifetime, and can later pass on the benefits to the Foundation.
Corporate Giving
Corporations and businesses may choose to support the Foundation through many avenues. It is best to consult your tax advisor as what is best. Contributions are tax-deductible and the Foundation is committed to honoring and recognizing publicly those who help provide better health-care services in our region.
Memorials and Honorary Contributions
For those who give to the Foundation in memory or in honor of a friends or loved one, the same recognition previously outlined will be provided. Named endowment funds will be established for individuals for whom memorial or honorary gifts totaling more than $25,000 have been made.